RSD Hero – Danielle Brown

by Emily

Danielle Brown is a World and Olympic Champion.

In fact she set a new world record on her way to winning her second consecutive gold medal last month in the Para-Archery World Championships last month in the Czech Republic.

Danielle was a teenager when she was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy RSD or as it is also know complex regional pain syndrome CRPS.  In Danielle’s case the RSD affects her legs and feet to the extent that she cannot remain standing for very long.

Prior to developing RSD Danielle was an active athlete in many sports.  She won her first Paralympics World Championship in Korea in 2007.  She went on to win the Gold Medal in the Bejing Paralympics.

In addition to being a World and Olympic Champion, Danielle Brown is a law student at the University of Leicester.  She has earned a number of sporting awards including  Sports England Awards senior athlete with disabilities and Disability Sport Events Yorkshire Regional Sports Person Award 2007.

Check out this BBC article about Danielle Brown’s win at the recent World Championships.

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