RSD Hero – Alessea

by Emily

I have an inner strength building condition called CRPS, it turns your world upside down and sets a life long challenge, making the levels harder at will. I like to believe that I can win it over and get to the finish but know I need my friends to help me get there. – Alessea

Alessea is a truly inspiring third year student in Physiotherapy school who has been writing about her experience with RSD/CRPS since July of 2007 in her blog Smiles, Butterflies and Happiness.  But she doesn’t just write about having RSD, she writes about her life in a way that makes you forget that she’s in almost constant pain.

In her profile, Alessea says, “Some days it’s hard to remember why I push myself when it would be so much easier to admit defeat, but I’m determined not to let it rule my life. I am a fighter and a survivor!”

Alessea, you’re not just a survivor, you are a true hero who inspires all those with CRPS that not only can they survive, they can thrive and achieve great things.

Please check out Alessea’s blog and wish her the best of luck as she begins her third year of physio school!

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Felicia February 8, 2009 at 6:27 am

Thank you so much Emily.
You made me cry! I often forget to think about what I am doing and the achievement of it. I just think of it as getting through the day as best I can, sometimes I fail.

I too wish you the best with what ever dreams you have, just know that if you set your heart on something and have determination YOU can succeed!
Take care and thank you once again.

Demery February 26, 2009 at 9:43 pm

How can you get a Hero posted? I think my 17 y/o daughter with RND is a hero. I’d like to see RND added with the RSD & CRPS. My daughter cofounded a guild for Seattle Children’s hospitl. The website is HOPE is her favorite word.

admin February 26, 2009 at 11:26 pm

I would be happy to list your daughter as a Hero. Thanks for letting me know about her!

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