RSD Hero – Brandy Sachs is RSD Pain Free Today

by Emily

If there is one thing I have learned from this, it is to never give up hope.  I might not ever be completely rid of the pain, but hopefully I will be able to walk again.  Any minor injury for the rest of my life could cause another episode of RSD, but I am stronger now because of what I am going through.  I did not choose to be afflicted with RSD, but I have chosen to deal with it and make something of my life in spite of it.

Brandy N. Sachs
August 2008

Brandy Sachs is an amazing 22 year old.  In 2007 she graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a double major in English and Philosophy and a minor in Criminology.  She’s also started graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh working toward a Masters degree in Social Work.

Amazing enough, but Brandy has accomplished all this since being diagnosed with RSD / CRPS since she was 13.

But there’s wonderful news about Brandy today.  To find out more go read all about Brandy at her website Hope For Brandy.

Then read about Brandy’s Ketamine treatment for RSD in Germany written by her awesome parents Lisa and Gordy.

Thank you Brandy Sachs for being such an inspiration to all those who are battling RSD!

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