RSD Hero – Sarah – A Normal Teenage Life With Pain

by Emily

It’s important for other teenagers and young adults to know that there are others out there who have RSD / CRPS and who are doing their best to have a normal life.

Sarah is a sophomore in high school at a boarding school in North Carolina who dreams of “one day monopolizing the broadway stage.”

If you read through her blog, A Normal Teenage Life With Pain, you will get to know Sarah and know that her dream will come true!

After you read about Sarah’s experience with RSD CRPS, please take the time to sign her petition to the U.S. Surgeon general to fund more research about RSD.

The Petition to fund RSD research was established by Sarah to help everyone who is suffering from RSD and chronic pain.

Sarah also has a good list of YouTube videos about RSD / CRPS that you can send to your friends and family that can maybe help explain what you are going through.

Best wishes to Sarah and look for her on Broadway!

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